Personality Development – Embrace Gracefulness

Personality Development – Embrace Gracefulness


Each human being is unique creation of God as He wants us to live this life in a smooth way as a knife cut through the butter. Man is a mirror of God’s love for his graceful creation. How we justify his creation depends upon the manner in which we live our lives, the way we conduct everyday affairs. Each person has some distinctive personality traits that leave an unmistakable impression on the people we interact with.

Some people have a charismatic charm that makes them gracefully likable. Some traits of a great, attractive personality work like the true blessings of God. These traits can be acquired and emulated with practice. Being Graceful and courteous to others is one such quality that certainly can make you a charming person. Everyone is not born with a natural graceful personality. Although we too can acquire it, if we have confidence and conviction about our beliefs.

Most of the great people have captured the world with their charms. We can emulate their experience of their success by cultivating some of their traits. Gracefulness is an asset in cultivating good relations. Firstly, we need to be courteous to the people around us. We can start using words like ‘please’ when asking for a favor and ‘Thank you’ after accepting a favor from people. Most of us forget these basic courtesies. Such an indifferent attitude reduces the chance of the second help in the future. A ‘cold call’ acts even worse than poor manners.

Human beings build their relationships on mutual trust. Grace is one of its most important ingredients of a truly great personality. It leads to mutual liking and confidence building. Grace should be visible on your face, mind, and through your body language. Grace shall lose its sheen if any of the above is missing. Politeness acts as a like foundation on which a concrete relationship can be made with a polish of gracefulness to cement it. It should not be mistaken for meekness.

Patience is the second most important trait of being graceful. A man with patience not only gets extra time to make the right decision but also achieves its targets more often than others. Patience will always retain its relevance in every situation. A patient person remains unperturbed and cool even during testing times. He prepares himself for every opportunity and eventually emerges a clear winner.

Grace must also be seen in our actions as well as gestures. Every person must display emotional stability and an open mind to accommodate every aspect of social interaction. A person’s overall behavior should make him a true gentleman and an attractive personality. We must avoid giving false signals as they may not last long, so it is better to be genuinely interested in others. Every human being likes to be appreciated, thus it is important to be a patient listener.

With the knowledge of proper etiquette for different occasions, you can be at your poised and confident best. Good manners add value to grace and help in making a lasting impression on others. A large part of etiquette revolves around knowing how things are done in today’s workplaces. It exemplifies grace in its best form.

Grace doesn’t mean a smile or a few appreciative words only. It also means your conduct in different scenarios, whether it at your office or at home. Your equal behavior with elders as well as younger people will reflect the grace at its best.


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