Is ‘Perfection’ really the Key to ‘Success’_

Is ‘Perfection’ really the Key to ‘Success’?

Is ‘Perfection’ really the Key to ‘Success’?

Is ‘Perfection’ really the Key to ‘Success’?

Recently on a friend’s Facebook page, I read how he felt a sense of ‘perfection’ after the entry of someone special in his life. This observation gave me a lot of assurance and happiness for him. But it also raised some questions in my mind and what intrigued me was this concept of “perfection” expressed by him. I suddenly wanted to understand what does he mean to convey when he says ‘Perfection’. How does he relate ‘perfection’ to his changed status? I immediately glanced through my dictionary and I found that as per dictionary, ‘perfection’ means “the action or process of improving something until it is faultless or a flawless state where everything is absolutely correct.” To some, it means our inability to accept our fallibility, a concept created by humans to be completely right in doing something. While others feel it is about the ease and peace about what you have or an attempt to eliminate suffering or pain, an idea that might be unattainable but can be strived for.


My question is who decides ‘what is perfect’ in this society, and on top of that how do you decide that? And how important it is to be ‘perfect’? Is this hunger for this so-called ‘Perfection’ necessary for a successful human life? Why do the majority of people want to achieve perfection?


Let me think of our heroes from history like the Arjuna and the Karana. Were they perfect in their actions? Many would say yes, both were perfect archers but were ‘Perfect’ in their conduct always? Karana, although, was a great archer but he compromised his skill to be used against the good forces of the Pandavas, Whereas, Arjuna, on the other hand, an equally great archer and fought wars to defend the good. And still, he eloped with Subhadra just when her Groom was waiting for the bride to solemnize their marriage. How would you rate them upon the scale of perfection?


Now let’s look at two more current heroes of our society today. One is known as “Mr. Perfectionist’ in the profession, Aamir Khan. He is supposed to be perfect in his choice of movies, Dangal, 3 idiots, Taare Zameen Par and PK, etc. Yet he chose movies like, Thugs of Hindustan, that proved to be duds. In personnel life too, he posed to lead a ‘perfect married life’ with his long time sweetheart for almost two decades and one fine day he divorces her and marries another young girl, shadowing his own “Mr. Perfect” image. He even tried to live his ‘Screen Image” by making a passionate show ‘Satyamev Jayate’. And still, one day he went on to claim that he finds himself suffocated and insecure in this society that adulated him for three decades now. After all, these imperfections, have people stopped loving him or his movies? So is he not like any ordinary human being? Another very popular screen idol is Sanjay Dutt, many people describe that he is a case of mismanaged life. As per the Biopic on his life, “Sanju” baba, as he is fondly addressed by his fans, he did all wrongs, from drugs to drinking, womanizing, and indiscipline leading to terms in jail also in his life, yet he still commands a huge fan following. If we relate these examples to the dictionary meaning of ‘Perfection” Sanjay’s life highlights as an example of everything ‘Imperfect’. So where is perfection in the lives of those whom today we look upon as our models? How would you illustrate these human ‘imperfections’ in the so-called idols of today’s generation? Or do you think that ‘man’ basically is full of Imperfections and that Perfection is only an illusion?


Some people feel that Perfection is not attainable, but if you chase perfection, you can at least attain excellence. Perfect qualities only exist in aspirations and values. Holding yourself a ‘perfect’ standard is a paradox. The more you strive to achieve a’ perfect’ outcome or quality, the more you set yourself to fall short of it. We don’t always have control over the situations that befall us, we’ll have good days and bad days, we’ll love people, and the people we love will leave this world or disappoint us unexpectedly. Thus the best we can do is to buckle up and enjoy this ride of life. Take the pressure off yourself to achieve specific goals. Perfection is accepting the fact that we live in a world that is perfect in its ‘imperfections’, a world that is always changing and cannot be logically explained.

The primary aim in life should not be to fix everything that is wrong because that will be exhaustive. It will be like trying to plug holes in a leaky tank. The cycle of fixing one problem after another never ends. There are numerous people out there who are intimidated to do all those things you do so easily and you may be losing sleep over matters which even if accomplished won’t change your status. Do you know that Sylvester Stallone has partial facial paralysis and Our Own Hrithik Roshan has six fingers on one of his hands? There are thousands of people who have no facial paralysis or have lovely hands, but they might not have reached where these gentlemen have in their lives. An important reason for their success has that they didn’t wait for perfection to happen in their lives.

Perfection is striving to achieve something that doesn’t exist and you find yourself in a state of incompletion or not good enough, dissatisfaction, while a positive state of that will be where you feel you are at your best or have achieved excellence in that particular feat. Striving for your personal best will take you to achieve excellence in anything you do and will be more rewarding and encouraging. This process may help you to get better and better at things you do. So I really want you to look at this in such a manner that whether you set yourself striving for perfection or striving for building your excellent muscles and that you should strive to be better and better at your personal best because that will be a healthy choice.


Thus it can be concluded that, to be happy and satisfied in your life, what is important is that you should have a clear understanding of your priorities. You will be happier if you care more about the effort you put in your work and less about the results you get. If you care more about who you want to be and what you want to be and less care about what other people think about you. Studies show that more you emphasize ‘Perfection’ the more you may falter. It will be better to be an action taker than a nervous non-starter. Remember, it may not wise to keep waiting for the ‘Perfect’ moment. Just be confident and sure about your action, and then, take that first step to win the world.

(Major Pardeep K. Shinh)

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  1. When humans and it’s surrounding is not perfectly synchronized, why to look for perfection. The progress is the outcome of constantly working on flaws. Thus flaws and shortcomings are essentially required for development and progress. Perfection means cessation of growth. Hence, to live a dynamic life of continuous efforts at aligning needs and desires perfection is just not required.

  2. Thanks for viewing and sharing your views. Respect your views. Keep encouraging us for more work through your comments.

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