Indian Teachers Setting an Example of Leadership During the Challenging Times

Indian Teachers Setting an Example of Leadership During the Challenging Times

Indian Teachers Setting an Example of Leadership During the Challenging Times

Before the onslaught of COVID 19, most of the working parents (including me) in the urban areas are out for our jobs at work while our children spent theirs at school — out of sight, if not out of mind. Now, almost two-third of professionals are working from home, and more than half of us have children at home participating in distance learning. It is for the first time, that we have experienced what it really takes our teachers to teach our kids.  

During these trying times when a typical school day is nowhere to be found, our teachers have adapted instantly to a range of new teaching methods, changed their method of sharing knowledge and skills to meet the needs of all students and find out how to be innovative in establishing meaningful connections with children using technology. I have seen in my family how parents struggle to help their school kids adjust to their new way of learning each and every day, I have seen it closely what a herculean task it is for teachers in normal times, and certainly during this current crisis.  

Indian Teachers Setting an Example of Leadership During the Challenging TimesIn my state the teachers have taken upon themselves the responsibilities to connect with their students through mobile phones, using various social platforms as well as apps to deliver not only syllabus content but also took the initiative to make a flagship program like “# ambassadors of hope” an extraordinary success. Our school teachers motivated more than a hundred thousand students in a span of almost eight days to develop a movement of hope and positivity by making inspirational videos and keeping the children engaged in creatively during these lonely times. Most of the students have been guided by their teachers to create these acts on subjects related to our culture and values with the aim of inculcating good habits and a constructive mindset. Such an innovative approach by the teachers have set an example for other states also many are planning emulate it in their respective state too.

How Indian teachers across the country are taking lead for our kids — with compassion, creativity, and resilience — even though they themselves were not used to such method till recent times. Now they have triggered a movement in which not just the students are learning: it’s all of us, as they are demonstrating valuable lessons we can apply to every profession. 


Apart from the need to teach our children a regular curriculum, Indian teachers across the country are also helping each student face the pandemic positively and guide how to learn online. Compassionate leadership is holding your steps and put yourself in someone else’s shoes for a moment, and then showing them a way to set them up for success.  


Activities of Schoolchildren available on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, and Snapchat are testimony to the strategy to teach children at home during the pandemic. In my own house, I have personally conducted sessions with students on ZOOM, although, it was my first experience to use this platform, yet it gave me the opportunity to get my students moving. It was a firsthand experience of creative problem solving — a skill every professional should cultivate, no matter what our career is. 


A small little child ‘Noor’ of my district has set the social media by storm through her cute but confident messages of ‘Stay Home Stay safe’. Her special subtle messages inspired the students to learn at different levels so. Personally, many Indian teachers have been taking one-on-one video sessions with students and plan to do so till the time normal schools start functioning.

So I take this opportunity as a parent and a citizen to say a big # THANKYOUTEACHER# for setting an example for other leaders in various fields of life and business to follow.

Major Pardeep Kumar

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