Impact of COVID -19 on Immigration Worldwide

Impact of COVID -19 on Immigration Worldwide

COVID -19 has impacted almost every citizen of the world directly or indirectly. No Governments have been left untouched by the economic crisis that has been thrust upon the developed as well as developing economies and its populations. Most of the people will have to change their job or change their workplace or even have to look for better alternatives in the changed job scenario. Different countries have adopted different approaches for their own citizens and immigrant populations. Every nation will have to make policies preferential rules for its own citizens, but Immigrant populations will a very vital part of the growth of many developed economies of the world. In the coming paragraphs, we shall analyze the expected impact of COVID-19 on Immigration to these countries.

COVID-19 crisis and its impact on immigration to the US.

COVID-19 crisis and its impact on immigration to the US.The United States has been the most impacted nation by the COVID-19 pandemic. So far it has more almost 1.6 million confirmed cases with more than ninety-seven thousand fatalities with the counting still going on. As per the BBC reports, due to Covid-19, in the United States only, 2.4 million people have filed for unemployment benefits in the third week of May 2020, while thirty-eight million people have lost their jobs in the past two months or so. This is as much as the population of Canada. The experts say that these the worst layouts since the great depression in the early 1930s. these figures are not of job losses but indicate the loss of livelihood of as many families. Miles long queues have been seen lined up waiting for outside the food banks in the US Suburbs. A New Yorker says that many people have gone without getting their five or six weekly paychecks are finding it difficult to make both ends meet. A female housekeeper says she has been at home and no work for almost six weeks and she too has to feed her kids and that’s why she had to line up at food banks for procuring food for her family and kids. COVID -19 has dealt yet another body blow to a flourishing nation like us. A large number of people feel that the stay home orders robbed them of their livelihood. Lives have been changed forever.

As per a New York official, New York City has 8.6 million populations and about thirty-seven percent of them are foreign-born New Yorkers. Most of the Americans feel that the immigrant influx is one of the reasons for this worst economic slowdown. And about fifty percent of these immigrants have very limited English language proficiency, leading communication between the people and the authorities.

#Covid-19 and its impact on Canadian Immigration Policy.

Immigration Canada is one country in the world that has not closed its doors to Immigration even during the coronavirus clampdown throughout the world. The Canadian government has its own valid reasons to do so. Canada is a country that is rich in resources and has an aging population that is difficult to be replaced with its population growth rate. So that leads to a situation where only immigrants can be an asset to fulfill their labor needs. Canadian PM was quick to announce economic relief for its various categories of citizens, immigrants, and students, a pillar of its’ foreign income channel so that they reassured to a safer stay during this challenging period. The immigrant population has one its mainstay in early 1990s and this trend continues to be so, as the Canadian govt. had already announced its policy of 300000 annual immigrants’ intake to meet its local demands in various sectors of work and life. In the post-COVID-19 era, The Canadian Govt. may show its preference towards Entrepreneur Visas because as per Statistics of a Recent study in Canada, Twenty-five of new Jobs between the period of 2003 and 2013 have been created by the Immigrant entrepreneurs and more immigrants into Canada means more job creation for Canadians.

Immigration to New Zeeland in Post COVID-19 Times: 

New Zeeland has been one of the most preferred destinations for immigration for Indians as well as other nationalities. IN the post-COVID-19 scenario, New Zeeland has almost closed its borders for those workers stuck outside the nation. According to the Immigration Minister of New Zeeland, Mr. Iain Lees-Galloway, the world advises those migrants stuck outside overseas to engage with their consulate or embassy for assistance to sort out their return. Although the New Zeeland Finance Minister has announced a support package to compensate for the loss of jobs due to COVID-19, it is still not clear whether this package will cover the migrant workers too or not.

Impact of COVID-19 on Immigration to Australia:

Australia has been a favorite immigration destination for people from most countries. Its’ immigration programs are competitive and have points-based entry, tailored to suit the country’s specific requirements. With the breakout of the COVID-19 crisis, the federal government of Australia was one of the few governments that have declared their immigration norms. Although, these have been drafted in collaboration with the Immigration stakeholders, yet they are drastic and have been criticized for some aspects also. It is expected that there will be a significant tightening of the employer-sponsored migration programs in the days to come. The Australian Govt. is likely to follow the’ Aussie Jobs’ policy to help more and more Australian Citizens. This impact will be there for at least the next six months in various forms.



The coming days will be testing times for students looking forward to seeking admission to foreign Universities and colleges as well as for those job seekers who were planning to move to greener pastures in the US, Canada, and European nations. In the current situation, all nations would endeavor to save their economies with the emphasis on the protection of Jobs for their own populations, and immigrants will be welcome only for skilled and specialized jobs only. Immigration with investments into their adopted countries will add more value to the recipient nations, so they would invite more entrepreneurs rather than job seekers. Overall there will be interesting developments too because of the new political alignments and equations around the world in the post-COVID-19 era. So, remember that the plunging employment opportunities and dwindling economies are going to impact immigration policies worldwide in an unpredictable manner.

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