A Positive Perspective on Times of COVID-19

A Positive Perspective on Times of COVID-19

A Positive Perspective on Times of COVID 19

(Major Pardeep K Shinh)

In the beginning of 2020, it was hundred years since humanity first faced a crisis that confronted more populace of the world ever before. And what an irony it is, that after a century, humanity is facing a crisis which is grimmer and more gruesome than the one that was presented by mass destructive weapons and all the largest armies of the world. What distinguishes the present challenge is that in those World Wars, man killed a man, whereas, on this occasion it is still debatable whether it is the man himself or the man- made virus that is killing more humans than anyone could think of. The very nature of threat is similar to the plot of a thrilling sci-fiction. This new villain is COVID-19.

Almost two million people are already affected by the deadly COVID-19 and almost a hundred thousand have lost their lives at the time of writing this piece. The victims are spread all across the limitations of national boundaries and have engulfed the population of rich as well as poor nations. Now that is not the only worry, the bigger challenge is the incalculable social, economic and political cost that the world has to suffer.

Even the most powerful and strong nations like US, Britain and European countries have been made to eat a humble pie. And the second most populous nation on the planet has also faced its worst challenge since Independence. The kind of positive response from the people of our beloved country has only strengthened our belief in the resilient spirit of Indians in trying times. We sincerely expect that we will be able to come out of it as soon as possible. Numerous examples of the tremendous fighting spirit of the people across the globe has been a great source of motivation for everyone.

The old adage that extra ordinary circumstances bring out the extra ordinary responses has been exemplified by the indomitable spirit of the Indians during these critical moments. The majority of people have exhibited a sincerity of effort to face this challenge together as a nation that sets an example for the world to emulate. Decisions that would have taken years to be debated and implemented are being enforced in no time. How the history judges them will be seen in the times to come?

The world is surely going to be different now onwards. The richest and the strongest nations have been stretched to their limits and have exposed their vulnerabilities. Surprisingly the eastern sphere of the globe has fared better than their western counterparts. Global response has thrown global leadership challenges open. Once the crisis is overcome successfully, the friends and foes may change forever. There may be many new alignments in the new order world.

IMF chief has recently remarked that the global coronavirus pandemic is causing an economic crisis unlike any in the past century and will require a massive response to ensure recovery. Even a nation like US has failed the global leadership test just when the world needed the most. The Chinese influence on the world bodies like Security Council of UN and WHO is there for everyone to see. Once things get better, nations are going to questions this and the world bodies will need to answer. Such a changed political environment will lead to new world equations or may even in the overhaul of UN Security Council and other such organisations. In such unpredictable scenario, one thing I am very confident is that India will definitely be in very commanding position in changed world.

It’s not that India is a safe haven from the virus and the death toll details are adding everyday, yet we look better prepared in terms of awareness among the masses and the governmental initiative in the form of lockdowns across the nation. I have seen villages setting their safe distance norms and making embargo on the entry of strangers in the village limits. It has given us the opportunity to flatten the curve. Even the west is looking at us from ‘Namaste’ to ‘Hydroxychloroquine’ tablets for salvation.

Let’s look at this issue from India’s point of view. India has the largest middle aged (23-45 years) group population in the world. Something wonderful is observed in India during these lockdown days, as we enter the critical stage of community spread, social hierarchies are getting dismantled quickly. As we create new life styles within our four walls, we cook things we never cooked before, wear dresses never worn before and read and write what we hardly have time for before. Similarly, India will be able to make its own choices of friends and negotiate its friendships on favorable terms. In the words of Prime Minister Modi,” the speed with which India took decisions in a comprehensive and holistic manner is being talked about in the world but has been praised by WHO.” The Americans and The British had to take a deep breath and look towards India for a breather. May be the shared suffering is the reason behind this change. I sincerely hope that as the world emerges from this pandemic, these powers will have learnt the lessons of humility.

Although, it is premature to make the calculation and assumptions on the outcome of this battle against Coronavirus, it is safe to believe that India’s performance so far has been very encouraging and sets a great platform for success. I believe that India would be able to not only limit the causalities but also show the world its true resilient spirit through perseverance.

Some of the post Corona era changes I am looking at are as these:

  1. The world will become more humane. People will start avoiding big gathering on festivals, political rallies, religious gatherings and sports events as these places present easy targets for any pandemic.

  2. Digital technology will be used for personal identification and shall replace hard currency also.

  3. More and more online education will be used instead of class room teaching.

  4. E- commerce will replace the on counter shopping and more & more e-commerce chains will spread its tentacles to rural areas as well.

  5. People will start buying frugally and waste less vegetation. People will start planting and saving trees to save environment.

  6. People will cut down on social life and spend more time with family. People will start adopting creative habits to indulge.

  7. More and more people will prefer to work from home in metros and bigger cities, which will bring local travelling and vehicular congestion down leading to cleaner environment and save fuels as well. Better public transport systems will decrease pollution levels

  8. Strengthening of democratic institutions will increase India’s political clout in the world bodies.

  9. The government will have to prioritise the investment in social sector and take the benefits of its social welfare schemes to the last man.

  10. Make in India mission will have to be pursued more vigorously so that our dependence on other nations is decreased. The Japanese have already started withdrawing from China and such investments will be turning to India. Such events will contribute to decrease in unemployment.

  11. Indian medicine system will prove its real worth and the world surely turn to Ayurveda and naturopathy. Yoga has already proved its mettle to world.

  12. Indian minorities will realise their true national spirit and will become more integral part of the mainstream and strengthen the multicultural social fabric of Indian society.

  13. International tourists will prefer Indian destinations as it not only presents better choice but also a safer environment than European locations.

Bad times always bring out the best among the great nations and races. I am sure the biggest crisis of our times will prove to be blessing in disguise as Indian state and people will come out victorious in this war on coronavirus. Surely the year 2020 will be a turning point in the history of mankind and Indian civilization will not only survive but also come out with flying colors. We need to be ready and give our best as a nation and leave a great platform for the coming generations.

A Positive Perspective on Times of COVID-19

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